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The 'poorly placed' traffic island that keeps damaging cars in Swansea

The 'poorly placed' traffic island that keeps damaging cars in Swansea

Fforestfach residents are up in arms as a poorly-placed traffic island along Ystrad Road has caused havoc and vehicle damage. Reports of incidents have been witnessed by locals, with many experiencing bumped bumpers or scratched side panels after an unfortunate encounter with the unsuspecting obstacle. 

Social media has been abuzz with heated debate surrounding the recent car accidents in Swansea. Is it simply poor driving, or is there something more sinister? Could the proximity of John Long Furniture Centre play a role? With each additional accident comes an even larger wave of speculation - sign up for our newsletter to stay up-to-date on all things Swansea! 

Some have written how they feel it simply "needs more thought" on the approach, whilst some think it is "very difficult to make a wide swing and avoid the island" and others feel it is "not the council's fault that people can't drive." 

Ben Smyth lives in the Fforestfach area and has seen first hand the problems that it has caused. He said: "I live locally and I've seen lots of things there over the last year or so. I've seen people just driving over it and their cars are fine, I've seen people who have actually had their cars overturned, and then last week the police were out and there was a 70 plate Volvo which had gone onto the island and couldn't drive off. The car was absolutely wrecked, but the police came and recovered the car. 

Driving around the island has become a dangerous experience due to its inconveniently high level. Even those driving carefully may find themselves scraping their cars against it, and this hazard has been a menace for over eighteen months now. The risk is real - be careful out there! 

"There was a sign in place originally, but that sign isn't there anymore, it hasn't been replaced with people driving over it. I believe the island was put in place to stop lorries driving down that road because there is a restriction in place, but you just see buses driving straight down and going over the island, so it's a bit pointless the island being there. It's the hassle of the road being closed off when people have overturned their car. I drive quite often through there and it is a pain. It's something I've had to be aware of to take caution, but I know one day I'm going to clip it."