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The best bars in Cardiff including roof-top hideaway and cool speakeasy

The best bars in Cardiff including roof-top hideaway and cool speakeasy

Cardiff has become a one-stop destination for unforgettable nights out. The cobbled streets, tucked away in the vibrant city center, are brimmed with independent cocktail bars and wine cellars that provide locals of this glorious haven an impeccable selection of drinks to choose from! You can explore High Street or Womanby Street - both hotspots which feature some amazing pubs and microbreweries where you can savor tasty cuisines before letting loose on the dance floor. With such unique offerings at every turn it's no surprise why Cardiff is renowned as one of the best places around for people looking to have fun times!

And whether it's a pint of pale ale you're yearning for, a crisp glass of Pinot Grigio, a mocktail or just a good time in a place that serves class drinks, we have just the ticket. Read on to find out just some of our favourite bars in Wales' capital city.

Cardiff is a dynamic city with an ever-changing landscape full of diverse experiences and delightful indulgences. From downtown hotspots featuring crafted cocktails to cozy pubs tucked away in back alleys, the city offers something for everyone! With its bumper crop of independent food spots and watering holes serving up all kinds of delicious cuisines and drinks from around the world, Cardiff has become known as a hotbed for diners looking to sample unique flavors or just have some fun on girls' night out while dancing away under twinkling lights at one of these legendary establishments.

Looking for something a little fancier where heels and suits won't make you stand out like a sore thumb? The Libertine is a classy, '20s style bar with no strict dress code bar a "smile" which has an array of artistic cocktails on offer, with creative monikers to match, and makes for the perfect pre - or post - date night tipple or a place for the girls to let loose and indulge in a cocktail or three. If something on the menu doesn't quite tickle your fancy, they will happily be up for the challenge of making one personal for you.

Run by the team behind Coffee Barker and Barker Tea rooms - and the soon coming Maison Grill Chez Barker - these two cocktail bars offer a cosy and welcoming atmosphere as you sip on their extensive list of gins, juices and rum cocktails.

For Gin and Juice, their bread and butter is, obviously, gin, with over 350 different versions on offer alongside beers, wines and other spirits. By day, however, you can pair your drink with healthy breakfasts, lunches and light suppers - and a fresh juice, if that's more your forte.

 Rum and Fizz offers a glorious selection of cocktails and, as the name suggests, fizz - prosecco, champagne, the works - as well as offering over 200 rums "featuring a range of countries, flavour profiles and distilling techniques".